Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Beginnings End

And so, the blogging starts.

Originally, The WarWitch family resides in Rembrandt, An Expert Family which focuses on farming for items for the faction and own use. However, since the great colony war of spinnelles in Rembrandt, the WarWitch family loses hope of having fun in the server's CW, and worst, on playing GE. Allas! a monthly email from IAH! Hurray, and so the WarWitch Family began migrating slowly. The Family Name was preserved and so was the family members.. if only there would be a service for character transfer or some item transfer perhaps.. this is all for today..

Its 4:30 pm and the WarWitch family has just migrated on the lands of hostile lands of Giovanni

Giovanni - The newest PK Server of granado espada.

Just graduated to vet yet another ad-hoc maintenance appears. Its boring to not play GE for some time. Oh well, better rest for a while.

Maintenance: All about premium item bugs.